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miss_baroness wrote in moneysmart

I would like to personally welcome everyone to moneysmart. 2010 is just around the corner, so why not make it the year you get your personal finances in order?

I hope that this community will become an active discussion and support group for people working toward a common goal: to gain control of money, instead of letting money control you!

Posts will be forthcoming 1-2 times a week on different money topics. It goes without saying that all members are welcome to post questions, links, or anything else relevant to money and personal finance!

All posts are members only, so if you must join the community in order to participate in discussions and view posts. Membership is moderated to avoid spam and trolling.

Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you will join and see what we're all about.

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Future financial needs

Do not underestimate savings for future needs.
Your financial future is more important to you than all those who would want you to subscribe to their program.

I'm 22, I am very interested in Stocks, INVESTING if u will. How familiar are you with this?

Hey there, how are things going on this journal for you?

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